Available Projects

Available projects

SD and translation


Sleep deprivation (SD) impairs protein synthesis in the brain by specifically affecting the AMPK-mTORC1-4EBP2 axis.  This project examines how sleep deprivation affects raptor signaling in the brain, which is part of the mTORC1 signaling pathway.

4EBP2 and memory


We have made several viral vectors that express mutant 4EBP2 in mouse brain.  This project examines how expression of mutant 4EBP2 affects cognition and behavior with sleep deprivation.



Given that sleep deprivation increases AMPK signaling, we will examine the effect of AMPK modulating drugs on memory loss due to sleep deprivation.

FXS and behavior

Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) patients have several behavioral impairments. We are currently analyzing a mouse model of FXS to determine if it recapitulates many of these behavioral phenotypes.

FXS and metformin

Metformin is a drug that increases AMPK signaling, which is reduced in FXS.  We are examining if it is an effective pharmaceutical agent to rescue the behavioral impairments in a mouse model of FXS.

Sleep admin

In a collaborative project with Dr. Christelle Anaclet, we are examining if pharmacogenetically administering sleep in mice increases protein synthesis and memory.